Sleeping With The Biomat Pillow

For various reasons, sleep eludes many of us at one point or another. Whether it is a long day at work or a nagging headache, the feeling of wanting to sleep and not being able to, is an unwanted stress.

The Biomat pillow has alternating sections of amethyst crystal that naturally conducts ions. With the special shape and design of the Biomat pillow, it helps to ease aching neck, stiff shoulder or chronic headaches. When you sleep on the pillow it fully cradles the head and neck and as a result, it delivers targeted treatment to these chronic pains.

The pillow contains tourmaline and amethyst crystals which are two of the most powerful healing stones in the world.  Not only does the pillow rid the head and neck of chronic pains, it acts as a cooling agent. The neck is a vulnerable area that can undergo stress throughout the day for various reasons, such as bad posture and uncomfortable seating.  Sleeping with the pillow provides stabilization for these areas as you sleep.

While resting on the BioPillow, channels of Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals transport Biomat energetics deep into the cerebral column and brain-stem.  As this happens, that’s when the pain and stiffness begins toleave the neck, shoulder and head.

The Biomat pillow will work wonders for you neck and head if used alone, but to get a full body relaxation as you sleep, you can couple it with the Biomat.

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