Alka-Life Water Ionizer

The Alkal-Life 3000SL is the best source of water, the most advanced water purification and ionizer system available to the public. This device is so sophisticated, it will notify you when to change the advanced activated carbon fiber filter. It also alerts you when to wash or rinse the water chamber for proper maintenance. As you make your selection, the system will even tell you whether you are in pure, alkaline, or acidic water mode.

The two chambers are separated by a special membrane with very tiny holes, holes so small that water molecules (usually in structured clusters under an electric field) cannot go through, but large enough for the ionized inorganic minerals to go through. In other words, you turn on the water and push the switch, and instantly you get a stream of alkaline water from the top, and another stream of acid water from the bottom. The ionizer does not add any chemicals or minerals to the water. It only splits the minerals already in the water to the alkaline side and the acid side. If the water has no minerals, an ionizer cannot make alkaline or acid water.


This advanced computer system is called MICOM. You can control every function with just one touch. This computer’s self-diagnosing features include analysis of quality, quantity, and temperature of water, as well as the ability to prevent an excessive electric current.


  • Your selection is PURIFIED WATER.

  • Your selection is ALKALINE WATER.

  • Your selection is ACIDIFIED WATER for external use only.

  • Time to change filter.

ALKALINE WATER (Hydroxyl Ions OH-)

Alkaline ion water tastes “wetter”. The molecules are much smaller (6~7 per cluster).

This small cluster size makes the ion water super-hydrating, or more absorbent. Since there is more water to work with, more nutrients are delivered throughout the body.

Although this small cluster size enables our bodies to readily absorb nutrients, it is also able to transport nutrients and eliminate the waste within a half hour. It takes our bodies 2 1/2 hours to do the same thing with ordinary tap water.



Here are 3 reasons why:

First of all, ionized water is a powerful liquid anti-oxidant that is easily absorbed into the body. The water also neutralizes free radicals. Free radical damage causes us to age faster, and is largely responsible for many diseases including cancer.

Secondly, A proper body pH 6.9~7.2 creates an environment which deters bacteria, inflammation, and disease.

Lastly, the molecular structure is smaller than that of regular tap water. Tap water clusters contain 10~13 molecules opposed to the 5~6 molecules of ionized water. This small size allows more hydration and better detoxification.

Interesting Facts About Alkaline Acid Water
Disinfection Without BoilingThe Japanese government tested teh disinfection power of ionization by inserting color bacilli (bacteria that invade the lining of the colon) into the water to be ionized and tested the live bacilli counts before and after.

Colon Bacilli/cc
Original Water
Alkaline Water
Acid Water
1400 Immediately after ionization 120 1hour after ionization 0 Immediately after ionization 120 1 after ionization 0

Bacteria that live in neutral water may not live in highly alkaline or acid water.

Active Carbon Fiber Higher Performance Filter

Health Benefits

Alkaline Ionized Water is a powerful antioxidant

Our water ionizer has the ability to convert normal tap water to an antioxidant with a negative ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potentiality).

ORP -> Negative -> Antioxidant -> Supplying abundant activated Hydrogen, thereby rejuvenating our body.

Alkaline Ionized Water provides the body with extra energy

Alkaline Ionized Water contains many Hydroxyl ions. Hydroxyl ions remove free radicals which are unstable oxygen molecules that cause damage and disease to our body. Once the Hydroxyl antioxidant and free radicals have cancelled each other, the result is that body is supplied with extra oxygen and energy

Rice: Soak in alkaline water for thirty minutes to one hour before cooking. It makes rice sticky, and improves the taste.

Coffee, Tea: Brewing with alkaline water eliminates the bitter taste of coffee and the astringent taste of black tea.

Hangover: Drink 1 to 2 cups of alkaline water on an empty stomach in the morning, or before sleeping.

Cooking: Alkaline water retains the vitamin and mineral content of our foods that are normally lost in the cooking process. Flavors are enhanced, and any acrid or bitter tastes associated with the foods are eliminated. The “fish” taste of seafood is also removed when you prepare and cook with alkaline water.

Plants: Use alkaline water to help step up growth of roots, and promote growth by bringing acidic soil into neutrality. The acidic water serves as a disinfectant that protects the stems of plants from disease and harmful insects.

Fruits and Vegetables: Wash and rinse with alkaline water to maintain freshness.

Liver, Pork, Game meats, and Fish: Soak in alkaline water 20-30 minutes before cooking. Alkaline water softens (tenderizes) the meat and removes foul odors and the bitter after taste or bite.

Formula for Baby: Add alkaline water to powdered formula to promote growth and sturdy bone structure.

Stomach Cramps: Drink one-half cup of lukewarm acidic water every 3-5 minutes until the pain is soothed. When symptoms disappear, drink alkaline water.

Colds / Flu: Gargle with acid water to soothe a violent cough or a sore throat.

Heat, Rash, Eczema, and Burns: Acid water has superior disinfectant qualities. Dip the affected area in acidic water, or apply acidic water to the affected area for relief.

Athletes Foot: Soak in acidic water for 20-30 minutes a day.

Washing / Bathing, Shampoo: Acidic water softens and adds elasticity to skin and hair. Its astringent quality helps prevent acne, age spots and freckles.




  • Certified as a medical device by the FDA of the U.S.A.Government
  • Rated voltage: 120VAC
  • Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rated current: 3 A (5 A max.)
  • Electrodes: Platinum thick-coated titanium electrode 5 pins
  • Water intake pressure: 0.5~7.0 kg/cm2
  • Unit Weigh: 3.5kg
  • Unit dimensions: 271(W) x 367(H) x 138(D)mm
  • Calcium lactate injector: Case injection system (Calcium lactate is a catalyst that enhances electrolysis.)
  • Water cleaning cartridge service life: Sufficient for filtering residual chlorine from 3000 gallons of tap water.( Actual performance may differ somewhat depending on water quality, but the cartridge lasts about 6 months.)
  • Electrolysis tank cleaning: Double auto-change cross-line system
  • Protection circuits: 8-A fuse, constant current control circuit, anti-overheating device


  • Branch tap connector and adapters
  • Water intake hose (1m)
  • Drain hose (single type) (1m)
  • Phenolphthalein pH indicator fluid (10cc)




FDA Disclaimer
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.