“It is amazing to notice that once my clients have finished the pre session talk about the changes they would like to make and then they lie on the
mat, the healing process is almost immediately complete. They go into such a deep relaxed state within 5 minutes it is easy for them to access the
subconscious mind, something that used to take up to 20 min. in a session. It is like lying in Heaven, as the Amethyst moves the energy up through the higher chakras putting them into the Delta healing state. Jenn uses it with all her massage treatments and I use it with my hypnotherapy clients. Personally, I love the mat as much, if not more, than the day you first brought it here.”

Bev Miller, Counselor
Hypnotherapist, Yoga Instructor
Victoria, BC Canada

More Energy and Higher Consciousness

“The Amethyst Biomat has become so integral in the continuum of my mind-body awakening that I do not miss a night sleeping on it! Every morning I wake up feeling vibrantly exhilarated and rejuvenated from the inside out, as if I had already done my morning yoga and meditation. There is a coherency and stability to my energy system that simply does not leave me anymore. My Chi or Life Force Energy is flowing like a smooth but strong stream of Light through my cells and nervous system, and it has integrated many other aspects of my life.”

Ian Rice ~ Encino, CA

“I love my Amethyst BioMat. I sleep on it all night. One hour at top red and then the rest of the night at one yellow. It has made HUGE changes in my health.  I also have both hips replaced and a triple back fusion. The BioMat makes a HUGE difference in my pain level – Pain free. LOVE IT.”

Poppy L.
Keswick, VA

“My experience with the BioMat has been life altering.  My body has corrected many imbalances via far infrared and negative ions. I feel blessed for having found the BioMat.”

Lisa Barone
Sarasota, FL

“As soon as I laid on the bio mat I knew instantly it was for me.  Immediately I was whisked away on a magic carpet ride of relaxation, bliss, surrender, and clarity. The Biomat provides a peaceful resting and rejuvenation experience whether that is just for 10 minutes or for a full night’s rest. Either way, every time I emerge from its crystalline embrace I feel calm, balanced, energized and recharged.

This mat serves many purposes. Every guest that comes to my home, is invited to take a ride on the Magic Carpet to experience whatever level of relaxation, balancing and recharging that they need in that moment. As a healing practitioner, it is by far one of the most powerful tools that I utilize to assist in the facilitation of transformational healing for my clients. The bio mat potentiates whatever healing journey my clients are experiencing with a calming and balancing effect. The addition of the Biomat in my home and business has been a profoundly health-enhancing, wise and prosperous choice on all levels.”

Kerrie Dancing Butterfly
Iinternational Seminar Leader

“My wife and I are very active and exercise regularly. I am a dentist and because of the nature of my profession, many times I have lower back or neck pain. We both look forward to the 30-40 minutes we spend on the Biomat to help alleviate aches and pains and in addition find that our energy level is rejuvenated. We highly endorse this product and recommend it to anyone who is very active or those suffering from chronic pain.”

Miki & Dr. Steve Jarvie

“My Bio Mat has become a very important part of my personal health plan. I use it as I use vitamin supplements, prana work, meditation, and yoga. It ties it all together and enhances the benefits for me. It also feels great! I love ‘my Mat’.”

Patty McWilliams

“The Amethyst Professional Biomat is truly a marvel, & an answer to my prayers for assistance in healing others & myself. One of the branches of Asian medicine I use, Zen Shiatsu, was unsurpassed in my practice until adding the Biomat to my healing tools. Now a dimension of treatment that goes even deeper & holds longer, with the additional modality of the Biomat, is being experienced. From my observations this is also true with acupuncture treatments performed on the Biomat – the experience is just incomparable! And, since these deep states of relaxation leading to healing are attainable with the Biomat alone, this can mean that often less (if any other) intervention is required, thus more freedom to focus on only the treatments that are most needed. I love this minimalist, less-is-more way of working & the Biomat makes it so much easier & more effective.”

Janus Lee L. Ac., BA, MS Oriental Medicine, CP Zen Shiatsu
Austin, TX

“I have been using the Mini-BioMat when I practice Restorative Yoga Postures in a reclining position – ie., Supta Baddha Konasana, Legs Up the Wall & Savasana; also, I am finding it to be useful for Pelvic Tilts, gentle Bridge, even Shoulderstand & Plough. Sometimes, I turn over onto my belly as it is cooling down & I am finding it to be very soothing – especially for Manipura Chakra. Often, I sit on the mat & meditate & chant after Relaxation. It seems that the chants vibrate more clearly through me when I sit on the BioMat. Sometimes, I just use it plain & simple – for healing & relaxation. Thank you so much.”

Ginny Williamson
Lithe & Easy Yoga
Port Charlotte, FL


“Just today I had a woman on the Bio Mat for almost 3 hours.  She reported, and I could see, that her left hand and foot were stiff and yet moving in circles. The first things she said was that she felt as if waves were massaging her back. The next report was that her left foot had relaxed and her hammer toes relaxed so that when she got up (3 times) to go to the bathroom she was more steady on her feet and said her left foot felt ‘good’. By the end of the second hour her hand that seems never to relax, was relaxed and still.

I am so very grateful for the energy and openings of this wonderful Bio Mat. Thank you! Blessings”


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