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The BioBelt is perfect for those who enjoy the warmth and comfort of deep penetrating far infrared rays in a portable lightweight size. Wear it while you are working, sitting at the computer, in the kitchen, or watching TV! 8 semi-precious stones specifically selected for their ability to generate, enhance, and store energy are harnessed into Richway’s proven technology for maximum results. Though ancient cultures have long used these gemstones for therapeutic effects, modern technology has now scientifically enhanced their synergistic qualities on the body and mind. The BioBelt combines the power of 8 Amethyst, Tourmaline, Green Jade, Quartz Crystal, Citrine, Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, and Elvan. While the BioBelt was designed to be used as a belt, often times it is used without the belt attachment to provide focus on specific areas. The BioBelt may be placed on the back, abdomen, waist, knees, shoulders, or other parts of the body, for focused infrared therapy. Placing the BioBelt around the waist actually warms the whole body by heating the body’s core. Provide a powerful enhancement to your normal Biomat sessions by placing the BioBelt on top at a focused area.

Far Infrared Results for Back Pain

The BioBelt provides a comforting relief of aches and pains with its gentle far infrared heat wherever it is applied. Infrared Heat relieves lower back pain by:

  • Dilating the blood vessels in muscle tissue. This leads to an increased flow in oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which activate healing to damaged tissue
  • Stimulating the sensory receptors in the skin, which relieves comfort by decreasing the transmission of pain signals to the brain
  • Decreasing soreness and stiffness by softening the muscles and tissues and providing extra comfort

Indications for Use:

  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Muscle spasms / Minor sprains / Minor strains
  • Minor muscle pain
  • Minor joint pain and stiffness
  • Temporary increase of local circulation

The BioBelt for Weight Loss

In a Binghampton New York University study, participants exposed to Infrared Rays every day for 8 weeks measured an average of 4% drop in body fat. The BioBelt targets the belly, where many people experience weight gain, by applying powerful rays that penetrate 7 inches deep in to the body and increase metabolic flow.

The BioBelt consists of 11 layers:


The gemstone layer will blast you with far infrared rays. The TOCA layer generates strong negative ions. The Quantum Energy layer gives off far infrared energy and contains substances from peach and grape seeds, and our Nano Copper fabric provides EMF protection by greatly reducing harmful EMF’s.


  • Power: AC 120V (50/60Hz)
  • Power consumption: 50W
  • Max Temperature: 149F / 65C
  • Size: Regular – 55.11” x 8.26”; XL – 62.99” x 8.29”
  • Infrared Heating Component: 18.11” x 8.26”

Proven Quality and Patented Technology

As with other Richway products, you can rely on the same quality construction in the BioBelt, including a Nano Copper fabric layer (layer #6) for electromagnetic interception and a Silicon and Teflon layer (layer #8) that reverses the electromagnetic current to provide additional EMF interception.


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