Drinking For Life

Let’s raise our glasses and make a toast to life! There’s no questioning if water is good for our bodies, it is a proven fact. The benefits of drinking water are numerous and adding alkaline makes it even better.

Alkaline is a great antioxidant agent that slows the ageing process tremendously; it detoxifies our bodies of toxins that are often a result of poor diet; and it increases our energy level- having rid our system of the toxins that cause headaches and fatigue.

A lot of the illnesses and ailments that people experience are as a result of what they put into their bodies. For the body to function at its best, it must maintain a proper Potential Hydrogen (PH) or chemical balance. When our PH balance is out of sync it forces the vital organs into over drive, in an attempt to rid the body of excess acids. Overtime, if the organs continue to be overworked, it can lead to failure or complications.

We all get thirsty at one point or another, but for a lot of persons it’s difficult to drink plain water, so instead they substitute it with high calorie and sugar content liquids such as fruit juices and sodas. Excessive consumption of these kinds of beverages can lead to obesity, which create a host of health complications- not limited to heart attacks and strokes; simply because the body is under immense stress to maintain a healthy PH.

For persons who are looking to shed pounds and get healthy, drinking alkaline water is a great way to speed up the weight loss process. When the body is over the normal healthy weight, it is very hard to rid it of bad acids, which makes it very difficult to shed the pounds. By drinking at least 3 litres of alkaline water per day, it helps immensely with the weight loss process.

It may be hard to drink plain water, but we do need it to keep our bodies hydrated in a healthy manner.  Plain tap water has about a 12 molecule cluster, which makes it harder for it to penetrate the cells. With Alkaline added to water, the water molecules become approximately two times smaller, which allows for better penetration to our body cells.

Life is precious, why not preserve it? Prevention is always better than cure and can you say cheaper!!  At this very minute, two people, somewhere in the world are raising their champagne filled glasses to something “important”. Let’s raise our alkaline filled glass and drink to life! Order your Alkalife Antioxidant Water Ionizer System here

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