What would you do if you had a Magic Carpet ?

Some of our Customers’ Favorite Ways to use their BIOMAT:

* Lie on it and watch a movie!

* I take a sauna every morning to start my day followed by a cool shower. This activates my lymph glands and balance my hormones. I now experience less negative side effects during my menstrual cycle. I have also lost weight.

* I love to lie on my stomach on the Biomat. This is helpful foreasing menstrual cramps and aiding digestion. I also like to lie on my back with my knees bent and the bottoms of my feet on the Biomat, especially when my feet are cold/and or sore. I feel that it opens the reflex points and meridians.

* Receiving a massage on it can be heavenly. Muscles are more elastic and receptive and the body is put in alpha and delta states, states conducive to deep regeneration and higher awareness.

* I sleep on the Biomat when I am experiencing insomnia. Within 10 minutes of lying on it, I am asleep.

* Within the first nights of sleeping on the Biomat, I slept more soundly and awoke more deeply relaxed than ever before.

* On mornings where I feel cold and stiff, I will begin my yoga and stretching practice on the mat. Shivasana (rest pose) on the mat, at the close of my yoga session, is amazing.

* It is wonderful for meditation since it induces alpha and delta states and helps you drop into a meditative state more quickly.

* If I am feeling stressed, a short rest on the Biomat always refreshes.

* Within three months I had dropped one clothing size. I had been taking frequent “saunas” (once or twice a week) on the Biomat (High Red Settings).

* When I was recovering from chronic fatigue and rebooting my immune system, I spent almost 18 hours a day on the Biomat rotating through the different settings.

* I use the Biomat for jet-lag and for boosting my immune system. If I feel symptoms of flu or cold coming on, I use the Biomat for an hour at middle heat, and I will not get sick

* On day 3 after my knee surgery I managed to get on the mat. My whole torso was aching from all the drugs and I felt awful. After 2 hours on the Biomat all my pain went away and I felt normal again. I continued using the Biomat for the next 5 days and saw huge improvements in my knee’s recovery.

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