biomat vs. infrared sauna

Though Infrared saunas are great products and perhaps the most popular of all infrared devices on the market today, there are numerous advantages to a Biomat, over an infrared sauna.

The Biomat has multiple temperature settings,and when the temperature setting is placed on high, the Biomat can effectively be used in place of an infrared sauna. The high temperature settings are used if you were trying to sweat or detox as you would with an infrared sauna.

Here is a list of some of these advantages and differences

  • Biomat has 3 combined therapies (Amethyst Crystal, Negative Ion and Far Infrared)
  • Biomat Infrared Rays penetrate 6-8x deeper than traditonal infrared saunas (Amethyst has been found to act as a super conductor of the Infrared rays allowing for a mucher deeper core penetration)
  • Biomat is about 1/4 of the cost of most quality wood Infrared Saunas
  • Biomat comes in many sizes and has many heat settings from cool overnight therapy use to infrared sauna temperatures (Temperatures range from 95 degrees F – 158 degrees F)
  • Biomat is portable, comes with traveling case and cotton padded cover and takes up no space in your home
  • Biomat protects against harmful EMF’s from plugging it in to wall socket, with use of patented certified microchip exclusive to Richway International
  • Biomat is an excellent compliment to any healing modality or can be used as its own therapy session
  • No special set up is required, just plug in and go
  • Biomat comes with an opportunity to share with others and earn valuable dollars back on your health investment (requires no special purchases, no inventory and no set up fees or overhead)
  • Biomat is drop shipped at your door from Richway USA with locations in Los Angeles, Chicago and Hawaii and can be shipped anywhere in the World with low cost shipping rates