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Corporate Wellness and the Amethyst Biomat

You know your employees are your greatest asset and that their health and wellness affects your bottom line through insurance premium rates, and if you are self-insured, through claim costs as well. But insurance expenditures are only one way in which the physical, mental, and spiritual condition of your workers can impact your organization.
Workers suffering from stress, illnesses, or injuries also affect:

• the quality and quantity of work
• the success or failure of business ventures
• and the efficiency of daily operations
And that’s not even taking into account costs associated with:
• lost work days
• paid sick leave
• increases in medical, workers’ compensation, and other insurance premiums

You’ve probably already come to the conclusion that corporate wellness initiatives are crucial to cutting costs, improving your employees’ quality of life and overall wellness, and in making your business more positive, productive, and successful. What you may not realize however is the profound benefits that Biomat products offer in achieving your strategic wellness goals.

Wellness Initiatives and the Amethyst Biomat

In seeking to counter common health risk factors and promote a healthier, happier, and more productive staff, you have implemented corporate wellness initiatives to provide stress reduction, health improvement, and illness prevention opportunities for your workers.

The amethyst biomat makes an excellent addition to any wellness center, break room, or fitness facility you have on your premises. It is a safe, simple, and affordable solution for treating a wide range of common medical conditions and for reducing stress and improving the overall wellbeing of your staff. The Biomat is able to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism. It provides personalized stress reduction, preventative health treatment, and wellness promotion opportunities.

The Biomat’s Technology and Functionality

The Amethyst Biomat provides soothing, relaxing, and energizing treatment that can safely be used by any member of your staff, whether they suffer from stress and fatigue, minor muscle aches and pains, or are in relatively good health. The advanced technology of the biomat makes it ideally suited to support immune functions, which in turn promote improved health and wellness with each and every session.

The biomat combines soothing far infrared rays and negative ion therapy to deliver customizable treatment sessions. The core design and therapeutic technology of the biomat is based on the research of award-winning NASA scientists and is increasingly utilized in a wide range of other medical conditions in addition to its use in physical therapy practices, spas, and preventative health programs.

Worker Health and Wellness Risks and the Implications for Your Business

The modern workplace and probably the personal lifestyle choices of many of your workers influence their overall wellness as well as their risk for disease, injury, and other ailments.
• The prevalence of sedentary work, higher average body weight, and less healthy eating habits that are often driven by convenience and time constraints all make your employees more susceptible to chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, among others.

• These same risk factors make your workers more likely to suffer acute illnesses due to decreased immune function and impaired or suppressed metabolic functions.

• The prevalence of muscle strains, repetitive stress injuries, and other aches and pains which can impact your bottom line as well as your workers’ compensation and medical insurance premiums also arise from a workforce at greater risk due to stress and other health and wellness concerns.

Benefits of the Biomat for Your Workers and Your Organization

Physicians and other healthcare practitioners note the effectiveness of the biomat in treating their patients and individual consumers report tremendous gains in product testimonials.  The Amethyst Biomat is FDA-approved and registered as a Class II medical device, making it a sound investment, capable of enhancing your organization’s standard wellness initiatives, providing the following benefits for your employees and your company:

• Absenteeism reduction and productivity enhancement

The biomat’s negative ion therapy mimics the mood-enhancing effects of a visit to the beach, a hike in the woods, and other nature-based activities. The positive effects of exposure to negative ions are clear; they stimulate the production of serotonin, the primary chemical responsible for mood enhancement and stability and for combating depression, muddled thinking, and compromised sleep.

Unlike the temporary energy boost your employees receive from consuming sugar, caffeine, or patented energy drinks, negative ions delivered during a biomat session produce sustainable energy not accompanied by the crash typically experienced after consuming coffee, candy, or common stimulants.

• Reduced incidence of stress-related illnesses

Stress is rampant in modern life and according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly half of workers report job stress as a major factor in their overall stress load. The CDC and other organizations have clearly identified a link between stress and the risk of injuries and illness as well. In fact, somewhere between 50 and 70% of visits to primary care physicians are the result of stress-induced or related complaints, and according to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, healthcare costs average about 50% higher for workers with elevated stress levels.

The biomat’s targeted stress reduction abilities are effective when utilized alone or when correlated with other meditative and stress management strategies.

• Insurance premium reductions

Corporate medical insurance and workers’ compensation premiums are both affected by the incidence of illness and injury among your workforce. A healthier staff not only minimizes expenses associated with these premiums, but ensure your organization is more effective on a daily basis.

Preventative and wellness care can reduce costly, over-use of your insurance plans. And, if you are self-insured, wellness therapies like the diverse line of biomat products can also cut down on your insurance claim costs as well.

• Reinforces your commitment to employee satisfaction and boosts moral

Every effort you make to provide a positive, healthy, and enjoyable workplace is a step in the right direction. Few efforts are as visible and well-received as the addition of biomat products in your wellness initiatives though.

The soothing and relaxing comfort and relief provided by a biomat session will no doubt win you points with your employees and make them more content and productive in the performance of their daily job duties as well. And with the diverse range of biomat products, there are numerous ways in which to incorporate these health and wellness enhancing tools in your workplace:

Corporate Health and Wellness Strategies and Biomat Products

A solid corporate health and wellness plan has multiple, complimentary strategies at work simultaneously to address the needs of your workforce and your organization. Amethyst Biomat’s range of products provide targeted solutions for each strategy in your comprehensive program:

• Offer convenient, work station treatments with the Biomat Mini, an affordable, therapeutic option that can be utilized by your employee right at his or her desk. The Biomat Mini is a small and lightweight design, measuring just 17” x 33” and weighing in at just a little over eight pounds. This versatile product can be used in any setting, and the biomat’s stress reduction and mental clarity enhancement abilities make it perfect for use while on the job.

• Extend the offerings of your existing wellness room or fitness facility with the full-size, Biomat Professional. This 68″ x 28″ mat is a perfect spot for a power nap in your professional break room, a physical therapy treatment in your fitness center, or a meditative session in your wellness room.

• Establish a wellness center, even with minimal expense and space. The Biomat Professional and Biomat Mini offer versatile use as well, including relaxation, therapeutic, and health improvement value. If you do not yet have a wellness center onsite, consider adding one and making biomat products central components in the amenities offered.

• Offer a wellness loan program through which you allow employees to borrow the money from your organization to purchase their own biomat for home use. Develop a policy governing your wellness loan program. Institute standard repayment plans through direct payroll deduction. This simple program allows your employees to reap the rewards of biomat’s advanced technology while also providing your organization the benefits of a healthier, more focused, and more productive workforce.

• Implement a biomat loaner program for your employees for those who have suffered an injury, or who simply need to de-stress or alleviate everyday aches and pains. By loaning out a biomat when one is needed, you show your staff you truly care about their recovery and their overall health and wellness.

Select the Right Options for Your Organization

By addressing wellness issues and health risks before they require medical attention, the biomat prevents over-use of your various insurance plans, allowing you to see significant cost-savings and to improve the work and private lives of your employees in the process. The one-time expenditure on the purchase of Amethyst Biomat products continues to pay dividends by reducing insurance expenses and boosting staff moral, performance, and engagement.

Contact us today to learn more about your options or to customize wellness initiatives to meet your specific needs.

Facts & Figures – Stress and the Workplace

According to studies from the American Psychological Association, 69% of employees report work as a significant factor in their overall stress load, with about 40% reporting they feel stressed or tense while on the job. Of the workers surveyed, 51% admitted their productivity on the job suffered as a result of their stress level. The Biomat’s stress reduction capabilities are able to counter the effects of common workplace stressors and to lessen the impact of personal stressors on workers’ performance as well.

Facts & Figures – Strategic Wellness Investments

The Harvard Business Review’s investigation into the return on investment corporations are seeking from their wellness plans indicate a strategic and multifaceted approach to corporate wellness does not just improve the health and wellbeing of employees but the health of the business in the competitive marketplace as well. In fact, organizations like Johnson & Johnson saved more than $250 million in health care expenses over a ten-year period, or about $2.71 in profit savings for every one dollar spent on wellness initiatives. The biomat is an affordable and cost effective component of a strategic wellness program.

Facts & Figures – Employee Satisfaction

Employee Benefit News reports that more and more employees are taking note of the positive and far-reaching effects of their employers’ wellness initiatives. In fact, more than 67% of those who work for businesses with a wellness program believe their employers truly care about their wellbeing. The same study indicated a direct correlation between employee wellness programs and job satisfaction, with 67% of those surveyed also indicating they enjoy their workplace culture enough to recommend their employer to job hunters. The biomat is a simple method of boosting employee morale and satisfaction.




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