The Visionary Art and Music of Amoraea Dreamseed

The wonderful thing about having a Bio-Mat is that it fits seamlessly into all the other offerings I share. I utilize the Bio-Mat in all my group healing events, private sessions, and use my own healing CD’s for people to listen to while they are receiving sessions on the Mat. Please enjoy reading about the primary work that I do on the planet.

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Amoraea Dreamseed: Biography

Amoraea Dreamseed receives various commissions from the Divine to construct the sacred architecture of the Subtle Realms here on Earth in ways that become accessible temples for people to recommence and reinforce their connection with SOURCE PRESENCE. Exploring multiple mediums to express and transmit the One Cosmic Code in to form, Amoraea has created various ceremonies, spiritual images, sound holograms, activation seminars, and healing chambers as access points for others to Awaken From Within.


Ceremonies and Lightbody Seminars

Amoraea has been facilitating transformational experiences for over 10 years throughout the United States.  He is the Co-founder of The Light School, a 5 –day intensive training on Advanced Keys for Mastery of the Lightbody.  Each of Amoraea’s group ceremonies and seminars are an exploration and embodiment of “The Divine Human Blueprint” and the conscious transformation of the Species.  Soul Awareness training and seminars, Lightbody Breathwork, Sound vibrational healing with didjeridoo and crystal singing bowls, Shamanic Trance Dance and Sacred Movement, are just some of the tools Amoraea offers in his dynamic group experiences.

Some of Amoraea’s array of group ceremonies, seminars, and private healings: Lightbody Breath work, Sound vibrational healing with didjeridoo and crystal singing bowls,, Soul Awareness training, Shamanic Trance Dance and Sacred Movement, Lightbody and ‘DNA’ Activation, Anchoring Higher Self, Cosmic Archetypes, Guided Visualizations and Shamanic Journeywork…


Soundtracks for Ascension

Each of Amoraea’s CD’s are designed as sonic templates for soul journeys, higher consciousness activation, and deep meditation. As virtual soundtracks for Ascension, this music is also perfect for massage /healing sessions, ritual/ceremony, yoga, tantra, and dreamtime journeys. All are 52 minute unbroken compositions designed to keep you in a fluid stream of experience … Amoraea’s soundtracks are utilized widely across the World by various Healing Arts Therapists, Yoga and Meditation teachers, Healing and Wellness Centers, and Metaphysical Stores.


Visionary Art

Amoraea uses art as a medium to translate the ‘Higher Light Programs’ into visually encoded images that evoke memories of our Spiritual Heritage. We are being called to live Life as High Ceremony, to discover the Sacred Covenant between our souls and Source Creator, to rise to our masterful status as Lightkeepers, Priestesses, Wizards, and Servants of the Life Divine. Throughout all paintings you will find the nature of Co-Creation inherent, as this is the Theme of Life – sacred relationship, collective stewardship, active participation with Source. These ‘Ensouled’ images are intended for interactive holographic engagement with your own Higher Self. Each painting may be received as a living altar or sacred gateway, and indeed make for powerful images to place at your altar or space of meditation for recurring memory of your Perfect Ascended Nature.