Quantum Energy Comforter™

quantum-energy-comforter-girlThe Ultimate Product of Nano-fiber Technology!

A bedding product like no other! This is a specially designed comforter utilizing organic compounds from peach and grape seeds, amethyst and tourmaline, natural compounds that have their own powerful infrared and negative ion producing capabilities.

Special advantages of Quantum Energy Technology

Use the comforter in combination with your Biomat to enhance the power of negative ions and far infrared rays, or use it alone as its own therapeutic experience. The comforter was designed to be light and luxurious allowing you to relax and have a good night’s sleep. The Quantum Energy Comforter™ cover is removable, light and convenient to wash and handle. Our first product, the Biomat®, has been granted the US FDA 510K as a Class 2 registered device due to its safety and performance, and the new Comforter upholds the same quality in design.


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