Amethyst Biomat Professional

$ 1,650.00$ 1,750.00

Massage-table size

(68″ x 28″ x 1″) Includes travel bag & cotton padded cover

Note: $100 discount is honored for all who can show proof of professional therapeutic usage of the BioMat. Examples include massage, Reiki, and healing practitioners, nurses, nutritionists, counsellors, acupunturists, and other alternative therapists.

License or certificate must be sent after purchase as a scan or through fax. Details will be sent after purchase.


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The Amethyst Biomat system uses the most recent technology to help relieve pain, plus restore balance and energy in your body by using Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays. The team that is behind the Biomat Amethyst is serious about building a product that works as intended, which is why it its members include highly experienced engineers, medical professionals and scientists. The Biomat Amethyst isn’t some gadget that you would see peddled during late-night infomercials. Rather, it is a device that is registered with the FDA, has been considered by various insurance companies to be a legitimate treatment for pain and other ailments of the body.

As the Amethyst Biomat is a medical device that is licensed by the FDA at the “Class 3″ level, medical doctors have prescribed it for a variety of symptoms and ailments, such as insomnia, pain, depression, poor circulation and many more.

You simply won’t find a comparable product anywhere else. The Biomat is the only device which puts together the power of Amethyst crystals, Negative Ions and Far Infrared Rays to heal your mind, body and spirit. It can restore your life force energy, clear blockages and help your body heal itself.

The Biomat gives the body an environment in which it is able to dispose of acidic waste like it is supposed to. When acidic waste is gone, the body can have its vitality completely restored. If your muscles are sore and tired, using the Amethyst Bio-Mat will provide a unique soothing sensation, as its dry heat not only warms your skin, but it is also able to penetrate directly into tissue to give a profound massaging effect.