Becoming a Distributor

Join Our Family’s Alliance of Light in spreading this Divine Gift to others! Help dispense this healing technology at the same time as creating sovereign abundance…

As a Distributor you will be embarking on a path of regeneration, financial freedom, and sustainability. It is a wonderful opportunity to enrich your life, inspire others, and create passive income and hence, more freedom with your time and resources. When you start using the Bio-Mat, Rejuvena and Alkalife products, people sense the change in your energy. You will be observing your own experience with these products and then sharing what you’ve discovered. Selling happens naturally.

Simply put, once you invite people to experience our products, they sell themselves. It’s as easy as that. People trust authenticity. Time and time again, I have simply shared the Bio-Mat with an acquaintance by bringing it over to their house, perhaps letting them borrow it for a week, or they see it at my house and ask about it, and they buy one! Health is becoming a deeper concern for everyone these days…

Why become a distributor of the Amethyst Bio-Mat?

Anyone can become successful. The beauty of becoming a distributor of the Amethyst Bio-Mat is that you do not have to be a “salesperson” to be successful.Success is attainable, even if you have no experience in sales or marketing. If it is becoming more evident to you that working smarter, not harder is the path to greater fulfillment, then being a distributor could be the opportunity for you.

Richway International (based in Honolulu, HI) is the parent company of the Bio-Mat, as well as the Alka-Life and Rejuvena products, and has been an accredited member of the Hawaii Better Business Bureau since its inception in 1997. Last year, Richway International merged with Fuji Biosciences, offering greater resources for product research and development. Richway International has created products that are not only FDA approved, but also incorporate cutting edge research discovered by Nobel Prize winning scientists. Additionally, their products have a proven track record backed by thousands of personal testimonials.

What is the Marketing System of the Bio-Mat?

Stress free structure with a proven marketing and sales system. There is no hype, no time limit, no monthly quota, no inventory to carry, and no pressure. Our Distributor Training is a simple system, which you can tailor to meet your needs. First you, your health, balance, and well-being thrives as a result of our products, and then your business’ success will naturally prosper, since you will be sharing it from your heart and own experience.

It’s a direct relationship. Energy follows attention.

All you need to be an Independent Representative (distributor) is purchase a Distributor Kit. If you haven’t yet and are planning on purchasing a Bio-Mat, why not sign up at the same time as an independent representative for RichWay and make money when your friends buy one? And make money when they sell them. You get paid a commission on every sale you make, and from every sale your customers make that also sign up as independent representatives under you.  See below for the compensation plan…

There are many ways to sell the Biomat. It is helpful to first choose your niche or market. There are countless ones from which to choose from to promote the Biomat, Rejuvena, and Alkalife products (i.e pain management, post surgery, spas, health maintenance, yoga, immune boosting, circulation enhancement, preventative care, stress reduction, etc).

There are three types of sales that generate income.

The Amethyst Biomat Direct sales: To individuals who show interest when you mention what you do.
The Amethyst Biomat To clients (for example, if you are a health practitioner, massage therapist, or chiropractor to name a few). Our products naturally augment many of these healing modalities and boosts their effectiveness.
The Amethyst Biomat Websites, having a booth at expos or heatlh shows, placing ads in conscious magazines, etc. Have small group presentations at your house, or hosted at a friend’s house… this works!


As your “upline” I will be 100% here to help you. I will provide you with the tools, sales and product information that will help increase your confidence, develop your niche, and secure the prosperity of your business into the future.

The benefits of being a distributor of the Amethyst Bio-Mat at a glance:

  • Build personal freedom and well being into your life.
  • Create more balance.
  • Share your knowledge with others.
  • Stress free living – No sales quotas or inventory. No pressure.
  • Financially lucrative – create supplemental or primary income easily. Unlimited opportunities.
  • Control your own schedule – put an end to the thinking that you have to trade your hours – dollar for dollar.

Being a distributor is compatible with your life, whether you are working another job, taking care of a family, or traveling. You can do it all while building your business. It is portable, mobile, and not dependent upon your geographic location. You will be an “Ambassador” of good health, balance, freedom, self-nurturing and sustainability. I can provide you with materials to assist in your success.