Biomat TeleConference For Biomat Distributors

Unleash your Potential as a Biomat Distributor

Join our fellow new distributors for a 5-part Training Series


“I made almost $26,000 in my first year of Biomat sales. I had almost no support or training, just a heart-inspired vision and desire to help people.” — Amoraea

  1. Proven techniques for generating leads, sales, and networks of potential customers 
  2. Answers to all those questions and doubts that have stopped you from lucratively sharing the Biomat 
  3. Inspiration and re-enchantment in your relationship with the Biomat and its potential for your health and others 
  4. Tips and tricks in sharing the Biomat 
  5. Creative ways to succeed in making this your new #1 Business Income 
  6. Step-by-step guidance to building your business, at whatever level you choose


Five 1-Hour Distributor Empowerment Sessions

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Session #1 Highlights:

  • Re-discover and become enchanted with your Biomat again 
  • How to create your own personal story about the Biomat 
  • Find Your vision of what you wish the Biomat to do for you 
  • New ways and opportunities to talk about the Biomat to people 
  • New ways to incorporate the Biomat into your business or practice in order to sell it 

Session #2 Highlights:

  • Dispelling your fears and empowering your ability to sell the Biomat 
  • How to place orders 
  • Understanding the key terminology and simple processes of the business 
  • Learn the ins and outs of the Compensation Plan and be astonished at its potential 
  • Strategies for Placing people in your Downline 
  • Gems and secrets of the Biomat from the Company founders 

Session #3 – Guest Amber Monaghan, Richway Assistant Manager

  • The Power of Testimonials and how to create your own 
  • Handling Objections 
  • How to tune into the needs of your prospective customer 
  • Feeling the ‘Biomat difference’ and being able to share that from your heart 

Session #4 Highlights:

  • Finding your Niche Market 
  • Inspiring new avenues, ways, and places you can share the Biomat 
  • How to set up your own Biomat event circle 
  • Training Bonuses through Richway 

Session #5 Highlights:

  • The secret to loaning out your Biomat for increased sales 
  • Strategies for Follow-Up with prospective buyers 
  • Leadership skills and training 
  • Richway’s “Diamond Challenge” and other amazing bonuses through the company 
  • Your next steps in bringing the Biomat out to your community